My first widget in LiveCode Builder

I've been using xTalk languages since the days of HyperCard. That means I'm very comfortable in LiveCode. If HyperCard was a Model T, LiveCode is a modern sports car. There's so much power in LiveCode Script (LCS) that I've not come close to plumbing the depths of the possibilities.

Just as I thought I was really getting to know what was possible in LiveCode, the mother ship opened up a world of possibilities with LiveCode Builder or LCB. One of the new possibilities with LCB is creating widgets. Widgets are often used to create user interface objects that otherwise would not be possible or at least non-performant. A project I'm working on needs extensive use of Likert Scales. While I've develop a proof of concept using LCS, I realized that a LCB based widget would provide several advantages so I've begun stretching my skills.

Likert Scale

Once I complete it, the widget should be very flexible with settings for color, font, and the text associated with each segment. Stay tuned.