Work with the new Drupal Media Entities.

The new Media features in 8.8 core are great. I've been working with a commercial template that used the old school media field and trying to use Media Entities instead since they have so many potential advantages, including adding fields like keywords, captions, copyright, etc.

Getting added fields to show in Twig templates is...uh...exciting. The module Bamboo Twig can be really helpful. Here's some stuff I figured out when placed in a file node--myContentType.html.twig


DrupalCon 2019

Well, it's that time of year again. It's off to DrupalCon in Seattle. Drupal 8 has made some great strides, and 8.7.0 should be out right around the event. Improved media handling, JSON API in Drupal core...so much more. Lots to learn.

DrupalCon Logo



DrupalCon 2017

Having DrupalCon in Baltimore this year makes it super cheap and easy to attend. I won't be able to attend all of it as other commitments will take me to Chicago to shoot video, but I'll be taking in as much as possible. Just a short drive from home!


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