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For the past couple of years, LiveCode conferences have been virtual events, but this year there was an in-person option along with a streaming option for those who could not travel. It was a great time! The LiveCode team is truly a great bunch of people, and the community is equally lovely. It was good to connect with a number of people I've met before as well as make some new friends. Here are some highlights...

  • A new version (9.5-dp1) was released. There's really useful stuff in there that should improve the performance of some of my existing projects.
  • I was honored to present twice. The first presentation was on lessons learned while creating version 2 of my Scenario Designer application. Second, a flash talk on an app i created a few years ago that actually was designed to live inside a piece of jewelry. Both were well received.
  • I was able to spend a couple of hours with Ali Lloyd, the LC Product Manager. We spent some time poking at some performance issues in Scenario Designer that turned up a couple of bugs in the LiveCode engine. I hope to see fixes down the road. Ali was great to work with...thanks!
  • Making new friends, sharing ideas, and exploring new techniques and practices.
Mark Waddington
Probably my favorite slide from the whole conference...Mark Waddington, LiveCode CTO talking about "Eating our own haggis". If you don't know, LiveCode is based in Scotland, so...
Ali Lloyd
Ali Lloyd deep under the hood in the LiveCode engine to isolate an issue in Scenario Designer running on the left.
Robert Cailliau and Bryan
Robert Cailliau - a longtime LiveCode user and an early internet innovator. Look him up!