360 Video

My day job may require shooting 360 video for a VR project. Shooting 360 content is something I've never done before. I find YouTube extremely frustrating at times as the quality of the content can be...uh...less than awesome. I really don't need to see another unboxing video of the latest 360 camera, and I will need something way better than a consumer camera but won't have a Hollywood budget.

LinkedIn Learning (formerly Lynda.com) is a great resource for quality content without all the noise you find on YouTube  or will have to sort through if just Google a topic. I just completed the course Video Production and Post by Nick Harauz, and it was really excellent. Great advice on gear, workflow, and software. I highly recommend it.

Fun fact - years ago I bought a synth from Bill Weinman who is the brother of Lynda.com founder Lynda Weinman. Besides being a musician Bill also creates content for LinkedIn Learning around various programming languages. We only spoke briefly after our eBay transaction but he was a very cool guy, and he had great tastes in synthesizers!