Roland Music
Roland LogoWhen Roland first released their Sound Canvas line of synthesizers, a hand full of composers and arrangers were contracted to produce "albums" of music delivered as standard MIDI files in the General MIDI format. I was fortunate enough to be part of that group, producing a jazz album, a new age collection, and two classical titles. 

Edirol Corporation
Edirol LogoEdirol contracted me to produce several educational titles in MIDI format. The end result was marketed heavily in North America and Japan.

Hal Leonard Publishing
Hal Leonard LogoI was contracted first by Hal Leonard to produce a music-minus-one product featuring a jazz favorite of mine, Joe Sample. Joe Sample's album "Ashes to Ashes" was soon available to other fans like me with a transcription and performances reproduced in MIDI format that were incredibly close to the original recordings. That project led to several others, but that had to be my favorite!


Disney (in partnership with Hal Leonard Publishing)
Disney LogoSo, you get a phone call saying "if we ship you the hand written orchestral score to Little Mermaid, do you think you can reproduce it in MIDI?" What would you say? I said, "heck yea!" That was soon followed by the score to Aladdin. 

Laureate Education
Laureate LogoTell me, did you ever fall asleep in Psyc class? I did. Laureate Education needed to add some excitement to their video taped lectures. Adding some energetic custom compositions helped not only to keep students awake, but create a more cinematic experience. 

Charles Calello
Charlie CalelloThis guy's resume is amazing. He's an arranger who has worked with Sinatra, Streisand and Springsteen (that's just the S's). Charlie hired me to produce charts for recording sessions in London, and when a client couldn't afford a real orchestra, Charlie hired me to produce virtual tracks in MIDI.


Singers, songwriters, chamber and choral groups, churches, publishers and record labels.
There are too many to list. Most may never end up being a household name, but their project mattered deeply to them, and their dream mattered to me.

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